Kingdom Greetings, From The Apostle Desk


I Am Writing you because although you have many teachers there are few Father's.
An as a father in the faith I must share that an Apostolic Covering Is not a means for personal kingdom building, nor for boasting about the quantity of churches under your care. Neither is a Apostolic covering for a tool for multi-level marketing for church planters to sow! It is a Covering for protecting and preserving God's leaders and house.

Apostle Paul stated- we have never sought honor from men, from you or from anybody else (1Thess. 2:6). Because Apostles never used their preaching to gain the honor, recognition or approval giving from men.

True apostolic coverings has to do with being a "father" to the church. Seeing the church as the father sees his children, with intent on training his children according to their individual needs.True apostles faithfully proclaim “The Kingdom of God's Gospel" without alteration or substitution.

It's Also imperative to know that an Apostolic covering is biblical for foundational structure. Apostle Paul declared I have laid a foundation and another builds on it (1 Cor. 3:10). The foundation of a building is out of sight in most churches, but it is the key to stability and the growth of its structure. Many churches today have faulty foundations and as a result they continually struggle with the same problems. Everything the church is and does has to be rightly related to Christ structure, because the church belongs to Him.

It is part of New Testament Christianity that churches are to be built up, equipped and matured through ongoing relationship with five-fold ministry. While in the first century this was done primarily through relationship with apostles who initially founded the churches, today many churches are discovering the importance of relating to apostles who may not have pioneered the church, yet provide a rich source of wisdom and strength through ongoing relationship. This is accomplished when a church moves beyond merely having fellowship and receiving ministry from apostles, into the place of identifying, recognizing and receiving oversight from an apostolic ministry. This can only occur where a relationship of trust has been established between a church and an apostolic ministry. Such a relationship takes time to establish.

The Blessings and Favor of An Apostolic Covering

Counsel - In vision, helping to define it, refine it and articulate it.

In doctrine, to help deal with doctrinal issues confronting a church or causing division in the church.

In church discipline, this is especially helpful in difficult cases to avoid personal attacks against leadership when a member needs discipline.

Protection - This is to provide an atmosphere of safety and security for both the pastor and the people.

To protect the people - if a leader falls into error or sin or becomes dictatorial, the congregation knows they have someone to appeal to, helping to avoid a church split.

To protect the pastor - At times the Pastor needs someone to speak on his/her behalf against false accusations.

Accountability - Having apostolic covering gives the pastor someone to be accountable to, someone to talk to, relate to and just sound off to.

Confirmation - Apostolic covering can be used to confirm and ordain eleaders and other 5-fold gifts in the church. Having someone else to interview and confirm candidates for ministry can provide an objective view that is often missing in independent churches.

Encouragement - Visits by the apostolic covering can bring encouragement and blessing to a local church.

Commitment - However an Apostolic covering doesn't work unless there is a level of commitment by a pastor and congregation. Every pastor knows the value and importance of commitment in the local church. A level of commitment is needed if you're going to entrust someone with ministry responsibility in the local church. As an apostolic covering we have come to realize that there are some basic commitments a pastor and local church need to make to fully benefit from apostolic oversight.