How many times have you come to church and that’s all it’s been – just church?  We at Kingdom Living Ministries International would like to invite you to attend one of our services.  We are not looking just to receive you as a member, but rather a vision-carrier – advancing the Kingdom of God wherever you go! 

You may be asking yourself questions such as: How would I fit in or will my kids like it? We want your visit to be a stress free, enjoyable experience. So, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips for planning your first visit.

Connect in Our Service
We offer the following services:
Sunday - 10:00am Kingdom Worship
Tuesday - 7:00pm Life Enrichment Bible Study
3rd Sunday - 9:00am Youth Unplugged
4th Friday - 7:00pm Apostolic & Prophetic Building

Main Campus is located in: Peachtree City, GA
Our address is: 202 Robinson Road, Peachtree City, GA 30269
Click here to view a map.

How Can I be a part?
Yes, as a ministry, KLMI is constantly growing and evolving.  We welcome fresh, new, innovative individuals with talents of all sorts to come be a part of this dynamic vision.

Why should I be a part?
KLMI is a cutting edge ministry with relevant teachings instituting Family Structure, Entrepreneurship, and Increased Faith for Godly Living.

When can I be a part?
No time like the present!

After the service
Visit the Hospitality Suite. There you’ll have an opportunity to meet with Apostle & Elect Lady Harrison, along with members of our hospitality ministry to find out more about KLMI, ask questions, and explore the different opportunities to meet more people just like you.

First Believing Impressions (FBI)
Visiting a church for the first time can be overwhelming. We hope that from the moment you enter the doors of KLMI, you feel welcome by our diverse, friendly community of faith. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Kingdom Living Ministries International! That you will return again soon.