Bruised But not broken outreach ministries (BBNB)
This ministry is designed to effectively reach out to our community and restore the lost souls for the kingdom, ministering to men, women, families and communities, We realize that throughout life’s adversities we may become bruised but we are not broken.

KINGS AND PRIESTS Men’s Ministry (kap)
A call for Men it is not enough to manifest the Kingdom of God but we must be prepared as Godly Men to live under God’s governance in order to understand life! preparing Men spiritually WITHIN to be equipped for eternal living in god’s dimension will help shelter their marriages, families, and themselves, propelling them towards Healthy Living in excellence as God's King and Priest. We teach men how to enjoy life’s blessings of wealth and health through powerful, practical, principals for godly living. Come learn more in our men’s fellowship!

Youth Alliance
this ministry is a radical approach to reach our youth who have real issues that occur in their everyday life. Teaching young people how to love god in a world that has embraced moral decay with no answers for life’s dilemmas. Therefore this ministry is modeled after the statement of Jesus Christ love which states “forsakes not the Children”

School Of The Five Fold
Asa chosen generation in this dispensation of time lies a great challenge to propel minds for Kingdom Living. As children of God it is not enough to manifest the Kingdom of God but we must be equipped Biblically to live in this limitless dimension of eternal life! Therefore God has inspired me to birth The School of The Five Fold Ministry which is designed for all who have received the call of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the mandate of ministry that God has imparted within you for Kingdom expansion. At K.L.M.I we are prepared by the Spirit of God to equip and empower the ministry within you through the spirit of excellence, during this dispensation of Kingdom Advancement.

If you are seeking to excel in the areas of ministry as an Apostle, Prophet/Prophetess, Pastor, Teacher, or Evangelist but have questions regarding proper credentials and qualifications for these administrations e-mail us. We pray that your endeavor to embark upon ministry will be unto the Glory of God knowing your election to be sure! Therefore I say as God's Apostle remove the Limits and break through the Boundaries for an exceptional year of empowerment! For There is A Mantle waiting for you!!

Women of Zion Ministries
was birthed out of the Women's Department of tutelage of Elect Lady Indira Harrison, Women of Zion's mission is to address the unique needs associated with each unique women! W.O.Z will not only address and facilitate spiritual advancement but also practical advancement as well. "Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined".

This verse found in Psalms 50:2 declares that perfect beauty can only come out of Zion (the place where God dwells).

This beauty is not an outward effect but one that allows God to dwell on the inside therefore causing Him to shine through in all that we do. Nothing speaks more of a woman's beauty than how she carries herself and how she allows God to be the focal point of all that she does! When we as women become a type of "Zion" and allow God to fully dwell in us, we become a perfection of beauty that will allow God to resonate through us! We are breaking the barrier to live beyond cliques, status quo, low self esteem and statistics. We are challenging ourselves and others to push forward to attain all that life has in store for us, while being the women that created us to be!